The Central Role of Rock Features in Landscaping Upgrades, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over the foundational role various rock features play in your overall landscape. Valuable for everything from accent pieces to primary designs, landscaping rocks have a massive impact on numerous areas of the yard and garden.

At Utah Landscaping Rock, we’re proud to offer a huge range of landscaping rocks, from basic gravel and cobble rock to boulders, decorative rock and numerous other materials. In today’s part two, we’ll go over a few other common rock-infused landscaping projects many homeowners consider as part of their overall design.

rock features landscaping upgrades


Whether you utilize crushed rock, granite or some other rock type, creating one or more pathways through your landscape is a fantastic project that will increase the visual appeal of the area. There are numerous rock colors and sizes to consider, and your choice here will depend on how you want to complement other areas of the landscape.

In many cases, homeowners choose to make their pathway one of the central focal points of their landscape. You can consider not only the rocks to create the path, but also those to line its borders and accent it in trendy ways. Best of all, these kinds of projects generally don’t break the bank, especially when you visit rock specialists like ours who source huge quantities of these rocks and can provide them for affordable prices.

Fixed Boulders

If your landscape is missing a “monument” area or a similar large item, at least one fixed boulder in the space is often the perfect addition. Just one or two such boulders can make a gigantic statement, changing the feel of the entire space.

Boulders range widely in pricing, with both the rock type and size playing a role here. Keep in mind that the larger the boulder, the heavier it is – if you’re planning self-installation, you need to have a dolly and other potential installation assists at the ready.

Generally speaking, landscaping boulders come in either round or angular formats. Ask our team about your shape and color options.

Rock Groundcover

Finally, various forms of crushed rock or soil we provide are excellent as ground covers to liven up your top later. You can utilize these to provide border accents around previously installed planters, or perhaps you want them to cover an area of grass that had a bad year and is unsightly. You can even combine this with an above entry, using this as an accent to a pathway you’re building using larger rock items. Not only will this theme add aesthetic qualities, it also often assists with moisture retention, weed elimination and even plant insulation.

For more on the kinds of landscaping projects that rocks help complement or even define, or to learn about any of our landscaping rocks, speak to the staff at Utah Landscaping Rock today.

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