The Central Role of Rock Features in Landscaping Upgrades, Part 1

The Central Role of Rock Features in Landscaping Upgrades, Part 1

There are a variety of reasons homeowners might look to upgrade the aesthetics or functional areas of their yard, and a variety of potential landscaping themes they’ll consider when thinking about such upgrades. One such major area is the presence of rocks, boulders and related items within the landscape.

At Utah Landscaping Rock, we’re proud to offer a wide range of landscaping rocks for sale and delivery, from various crushed rock formats to cobble rock, boulders, sand and soil deliveries and much more. Let’s go over the central role rocks play in upgrading you landscape, plus spend much of this two-part blog series looking at some of the most popular rock-related landscaping projects homeowners are taking on today.

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Modest to Grand Yard Upgrades

One of the top benefits of utilizing rocks within a landscaping upgrade is their versatility. For the homeowner looking to make a few minor tweaks but not necessarily alter the entire foundation and design of their landscape, rocks are perfect as small accents and little curb appeal improvements.

For those looking for a major overhaul, on the other hand, rocks often serve as a foundational element. They can help with everything from defining elemental boundaries to setting pathways and walkways, plus numerous areas in between. Working with rocks doesn’t lock you into any kind of specific project; rather, it opens your options up wide.

Stepping Stones

Whether you have kids or just want a youthful theme, stepping stones are a wonderful accent for numerous landscape designs. They will involve both crushed rock for the surroundings and larger rock or boulder types for the steps themselves, usually with about 18 inches left between the center of each stone to match average stepping stride.

If you’re going for a softer look here, look for rounder stepping stones. Angular ones, on the other hand, will make the space appear more modern.

One of the best parts of this project: It can be done extremely affordably. Crushed rocks for surroundings will not run up a huge bill, and you can determine precisely how many larger stones you have in your budget with some quick napkin math.

Water Features

Another feature that really drives home our versatility theme from earlier is the water feature, which can range from relatively minor and simple to a grand, foundational element of your landscape. If you love your existing design but want a bit more life, for instance, you can consider a simple waterfall or a minor water accent. If you’re re-doing the entire landscape, on the other hand, you might think about a grand fountain as your centerpiece, defining much of the surrounding area.

For more on the kinds of rock projects that are most commonly used for landscaping upgrades, or to learn about any of our landscaping rock or gravel delivery services, speak to the staff at Utah Landscaping Rock today.

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