Landscape Boulders for Licensed and Insured Contractors

Landscape Boulders for Licensed and Insured Contractors

Boulders are durable and attractive accents. Designed by Mother Nature herself, no two boulders are the same.

Achieve your creative vision through our unique boulders that come in different colors and sizes.

Buy landscape boulders in Utah, and set up your next project for success.

Boulders for Any Project Requirement

We supply big and small boulders to licensed and insured contractors in Utah. Use our unique boulders for landscapes, retaining walls, swimming pools, and other exterior features.

Our different boulder types include Spring City, South Town, Cherokee Red, Talon Cover, and more. We work with you in selecting the right pieces. On top of that, our team can also deliver them directly to your job site for your convenience.

Ensuring Customer Safety at all Times

Utah Landscaping Rock follows strict liability laws to prevent personal injury or property damage. For ultimate customer protection, we supply boulders only to licensed and insured contractors.

Add a touch of flair to your landscape with the timeless appeal of our bold, majestic boulders in Utah. They are 100% solid, and are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Elevate the beauty of your outdoor space, and order our landscape boulders in Utah today. They are available in any shape — from accent boulders to retaining wall boulders — to suit your landscaping or decorative needs.

Choose from our selection below:

South Town

Our South Town landscaping boulders come in brown, gray, and hints of purple and pink shades. Their smooth texture and round and oval shapes make them ideal for decorating lawns or making rock walls.

Spring City

Our Spring City boulders are available in cities like Salt Lake, Orem, Provo, West Jordan, and Logan. Often blonde-colored or with light shades, these boulders lend any landscape an appealing, weathered façade

Cherokee Red

Our Cherokee Red boulders stand out with their pastel reds, beige highlights, and black lining. They are available in different shapes and sizes, weighing anywhere between 400-800 lbs. These rocks have fractured shapes, creating unique landscaping.

Browns Canyon

With tan and gold colors as vibrant as wheat fields, our Browns Canyon boulders stand out through their bright, bronze tones. Incorporate our boulders into your next project for your commercial and decorative needs.


A perfect blend of clean lines and a rocky finish, our walnut boulders are an attractive addition to your landscape. These majestic landscaping boulders can give any property a traditional look or a sophisticated appeal.

Talon Cove

We offer Talon Cove boulders that can range in size from 1’ to 2.’ And unlike usual boulders that are round and oval in appearance, these rocks are flat, thick, and have jagged edges. They are predominantly gray and with maroon and white accents.


We stock Champlin boulders, which are gray boulders with streaks of white and brown.

Make Your Landscape Rock


Measure the area where you plan to place the rocks by obtaining length, width, and height/width dimensions.


Use our Rock Calculator to figure out how much rocks you need.


Contact us, and we’ll provide an accurate estimate

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Our inventory includes boulders for your residential or commercial needs. Order boulders for your next project today.
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