Landscaping Rocks in Utah

Decorative Landscaping Rocks in Utah

Enhance your garden in Utah with our selection of high quality natural rocks. Our collection includes decorative landscaping rocks in different sizes and textures. Whether you need to build a stone wall for a client’s property or add variety to your water garden, we have the landscaping rocks you’ll need. They include:

Cobble Rocks

Our cobble rocks come in three varieties: Oak Creek Plum, South Town, Gray Cobble, and Neapolitan. These rocks contain a neutral earthen color and can either be angular and round-shaped.

Crushed rocks

These versatile rocks have jagged edges that you can use as an aggregate for construction, sub-base material for driveways or patios, or other landscaping purposes. Our crushed rocks come in different colors, from dull grays to vibrant terracotta.


Make a statement with your landscaping through our boulders. These majestic monoliths create impressive benches, retaining walls, dry creek beds, planters, and decorative accents. We carry South Town, Spring City, Browns Canyon varieties, and more

Topsoil / Sand / Gravel

All gardens, in homes or businesses, need top quality soil and even sand. Good soil is the foundation for healthy plant growth while garden sand can aerate soil. Utah Landscaping Rock offers both in abundance.

Utah Landscaping Rock has been featured in commercial buildings, churches, homes, and interchanges throughout Utah, parts of Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. For the last 25 years Nephi Sandstone has been involved in the rock business through production and delivery.

We have every type of rock you’ll need to create the hardscapes that add visual interest to your garden. And whether you need landscape rock delivery in Utah or have a question about any of our products, we’re just a phone call away.

We Mine and Sell Natural Rocks in Utah

We acquired a quarry south of Nephi, and soon after, we’ve been able to provide homes and businesses, including construction companies, with the finest landscaping rocks for sale in Utah. These hardscape materials add structure to your garden. Unlike other landscaping elements, like wood, decorative rocks don’t need maintenance.

But you do have to make sure you get top quality cobble, boulders, or crushed rocks.
Our landscaping rocks are top notch.

We have the trucks and skilled staff to make an efficient decorative rock delivery in Utah.

Explore our collection of rocks, find what you need, and place your order today.
We’ll take care of the rest.