Landscape Rock in South Jordan, Utah

When you’re looking for landscape rock in South Jordan, check out what we have to offer at Utah Landscaping Rock. We’re the area’s top local supplier of the best selection of functional and decorative stone.

The hot, dry summers here in Utah can make it difficult to grow some plants, including grass. Why engage in the daily struggle? Incorporate one of our most beautiful natural resources into your landscape: crushed rock and cobble stone.

What Can You Do with Landscape Rock in South Jordan, Utah?

Uses for landscape rocks are almost limitless. One of the most popular, however, is to build walkways and driveways. Oftentimes, these are constructed using concrete or asphalt. But stone is so much more attractive than a drab gray slab or sticky black pavement. Both of these materials are also prone to cracking, staining and need regular maintenance. Not so with landscape rock.

Crushed rocks or cobble stones couldn’t be easier to install for a walkway or driveway. A delivery truck brings your order, and you merely transport your rocks with a wheelbarrow to the desired location. Once you dump out and even the contents, you’re done. No cleaning or upkeep necessary.

Building Walls with Landscape Rock

Many home and business owners love landscape rocks for building walls as well. A front wall is a beautiful addition to any property, and can help bring added security and privacy. Building this type of wall out of landscape rock, versus brick, railroad ties or concrete, turns a utilitarian structure into a thing of beauty.

Other popular projects include building retaining walls and walls to separate sections of your property, such as for a seating area or garden.

Our larger rocks are perfect for such a project, but we also sell boulders as well. You can use them to build walls, or as accent pieces in your gardens.

Decorative Uses for Landscape Rocks in South Jordan, Utah

Our crushed rocks and cobble stones are also perfect as filler for your gardens. While we sell soil and sand for projects such as planting lawns and gardens or constructing play areas, we know that not everyone has the time for or the interest in tending and watering lush gardens. It’s easier — and equally beautiful — to plant some succulents or other hardy plants and fill the surrounding area with landscape rock.

Such gardens are simple to maintain, and they help cut down on the time and money otherwise spent trying to keep grass green or flowers blooming.

Choices in Colors of Landscape Rocks

Regardless of the type of project you have in mind, know that you have lots of choices with landscape rock. Not only can you choose the size and shape of the rock you want, but you can choose the color as well. We sort our rocks into batches of gray, red and white. We keep like colors together, so if you envision a sand-colored wall, a slate-hued walkway or a peachy garden path, we have what you need.

When you’re shopping for landscape rock in South Jordan, Utah, come to the most reliable supplier: Utah Landscaping Rock. Our online calculator helps you determine how much rock you need, and we deliver it right to your doorstep. Call us today for more information.

We have the trucks and skilled staff to make an efficient decorative rock delivery in Utah.

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