Winter is here but spring will be on its way.

Well we have slowed down because of the cold weather. But here at Utah Landscaping rock we are thinking of the Spring. So if you are looking for decorative rock for your yard, Please check out our South Town Cobble Rock.  Great rock for do it your self  landscaper. In fact if you need to know how much decorative rock that you need just use the calculator on the right hand side of the page of your rock on our website. The water saving by using rock for some of your landscaping is immense. We suggest that you use at least 3″ of rock with a weed  barer. So get your ideas together and give us a call at (435) 250-0001. P.S. We all hoped that you had a good Holiday season.

We have the trucks and skilled staff to make an efficient decorative rock delivery in Utah.

Explore our collection of rocks, find what you need, and place your order today.
We’ll take care of the rest.

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