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Utah Landscaping Rock is ready to help with all of your landscaping needs. We offer a variety of rocks, boulders, organic and non organic topsoil. Concrete Sand and 1/4 Bedding Sand are available along with Red Ball Dirt. We carry all sizes of rock. Washed and Dirty, Cobble and Crushed come in an array of sizes to fit all of your needs. Size range of our rock are as small as 1/4 chippings to 7 in cobble. Our 1 1/2 cobble is a favorite for around your homes and businesses. The 3/4 crushed is popular for driveways. Boulders also come in many sizes and colors, to fit your landscaping needs. Topsoil comes in either 2 or 4 % organic as well as non organic. Sod grows well in 2% organic, where as if you are wanting to plant a garden, flowers or just do some container gardening the 4% works best. Red Ball Dirt is available for ball fields. Utah Landscaping Rock also offers Spec and Non Spec Road Base, along with Bank Run. Concrete gravel and Crushed Concrete are also available. Utah Landscaping Rock is ready to meet your needs. We have a rock calculator to help you with figuring how much you will need. We deliver throughout the state of Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Our rock has been featured in churches, temples, commercial buildings, homes and interchanges throughout the state of Utah. We will help you find the right rock to fit all your landscaping needs. Utah Landscaping Rock supplies landscapers, home owners and business around Utah and the surrounding area. Utah Landscaping Rocks prices are at or near to wholesale prices. We have dump truck, dump truck and pup, single and double side dumps available for all of your delivery needs.  Please visit us at or visit and like our Facebook page at Utah Landscaping Rock. you may also call the office at 435-623-2332 for any questions or orders that you may have.

We have the trucks and skilled staff to make an efficient decorative rock delivery in Utah.

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