What kind of Landscaping Rock do I buy?

One of the first questions I always get asked is what kind of landscaping rock do I need? It doesn’t matter where they’re from if they’re from Salt Lake City, Sandy, Provo, or Orem.

Landscaping RockThey all want to know how they should pick rock. The first thing I suggest is finding a color that would be pleasing to your surrounding area. You don’t want to landscaping rock to stand out so much that that is what catches your eye the whole time. You want the rock to complement your home, your yard, or whatever you’re putting it with. So the final word on color for landscaping rock or decorative rock. Is to compliment not stand out.

The second thing is do you want to Crestrock or a Cobblerock. The difference between the two rocks are that one of the rocks is a fractured rock either by the pit itself or that it’s going to a crushing machine to crush a Cobblerock. He Cobblerock is a natural stone that comes out of the mountain it just basically has been washed and ready to go to smooth services and is loose when it’s laid down on the ground. If you are installing a gravel driveway I highly suggest crushed rock. Because it is a jagged rocks rock it will compact together to make a more solid surface. Cobblerock for flowerbeds and islands it doesn’t settle as much and stays on top of the ground.

Landscaping rock Image 1

Landscaping Rock

Landscaping rock Image 2

Landscaping Rock

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