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Landscape Boulders

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Color: Earth tones, browns, tans
Typical Weight: 1′ = 70 to 350lbs, 2′ = 100 to 520lbs, 3′ = 200 to 800lbs, 4′ = 1 ton +
When Arrives: Film on Rock will need to be washed.
Availability: In Stock
Shape: Round and oval, smooth

Please note that this is a natural stone. They are not perfectly round boulders. The size of the boulder refers to the height of the boulder when it is laying on the ground.   For example you could order a 1 foot boulder. You might get a one foot boulder high but it could be 3 feet long as it is lays on the ground. If  you are looking for perfectly round boulders, you must say that at time of order. Price changes because they have to be hand  picked out of the pill. Most of the time when you are building a rock wall , the height is what you need to build  levels  that are the same height. 

landscape boulders