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3 in South Town Cobble3 in South Town Cobble

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Size: +2″ to -4″
Color: Earth tones, tan with a pinkish grey
Typical Weight: 1 cu foot = 96.9 lbs / 1 cu yard = 2608.2 lbs or 1.3 tons
When arrives:  Double screened but not washed
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The 3in SouthTown Cobble is one of our most popular rock.  It has been used by home owners, landscaping companies, churches,  LDS Temples, and interchanges along I-15. With the mixtures of earth tone colors along with a light pink gray that compliments any home, driver way, or commercial application. Smooth round rock that will stay loose that allows the rain to pass by them. With the rock raised and loose it allows the sun to complement the rock through out the day as the sun cast shadows on the rock.
We recommend at least a 3in depth for this rock. This rock has been double screen, but not washed. We recommend spraying it with water prior to installation.